Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It is time to save the world!

Cleaning has become synonymous to chemicals. But little do we understand that these chemical are affecting the Earth’s ecology in an adverse manner. Such chemicals are poisoning our environment. At the same time a large amount of the precious compound, water is wasted everyday for cleaning purposes. Using Tecnovap steam cleaner equipment, JetVac Eco is a more intelligent option for cleaning.

It’s a myth that water is cheap and found in abundance. With global warming, our water resources are getting depleted. Water from all sources cannot be directly consumed by us for our domestic needs; hence it requires various stages of purification. In such a situation using water as a cleaning agent is a sheer waste. Tecnovap cleans with steam, which can be easily produced in large amounts with only a small quantity of water. Steam is a better cleaning agent and very hygienic as well.

This steam cleaner equipment of Tecnovap is compact which makes it quite portable. At 4 bar pressure it’s capable of producing 94% of dry steam continuously for duration of 60 mins of temperature 145°C. It also contains a filter, which can detect the slightest of dust and other debris with just about 3 litres of water in its boiler.

You can make your gymnasiums, restaurants and homes look extra clean in just a few minutes with this steam cleaner equipment.

Having the Tecnovap steam cleaner JetVac Eco will not only help us in our daily cleaning system but also saves the Earth without the use of harsh chemicals. For more details of this product, visit Tecnovap.

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