Friday, June 11, 2010

A Never Ending Trial Period

If you just leaf through the newspaper you will find many incidents where the carelessness of the hospital staffs took a toll on the health of the patients. The patients developed many diseases which were caused by the Clostridium difficile bacteria. On close study it was found out that improper cleaning practices led to the spread of these bacteria.

It was seen that detergent and water wasn’t good enough to clean the hospital premises or bedding of the patients. At this point many health experts advised on adopting steam cleaning methods on a trial basis. Tecnovap’s products Jetsteam Pro and Jetvac Pro were introduced in these hospitals. In a short period these product worked wonders on the health of the patients by putting an end to the growth of the bacteria.

The Jetsteam Pro is quite a compact device, while kills grime with superheated steam of 155°C temperature, which is at 4.5 bar pressure. It requires continuous refilling of its 1.5 litre water boiler. Once the water level is not at the sufficient level, the steamer stops producing steam and would require water to restart its operation. The Jetvac Pro is a more refined product, which is ideal for commercial-level usage. It comes with a trolley owing to which it can be moved anywhere conveniently. It doesn’t stop working if the water level is not high; it contains a reserve tank of 3 litres capacity which allows it to run continuously. The four litres boiler made of stainless steel and the 4 litres detergent tank are its other features. It uses its 94 % dry vapour which is at a pressure of 6 bars and temperature of 165°C for cleaning purposes. These products are made in Italy and meet high levels of quality standard.

With these products, patients can be rest assured of a hygienic and sanitised room. Everything from the mattresses, drapes, carpets and furniture can be cleaned properly with these Tecnovap steam cleaning equipment products. The operation theatres and reception areas can be maintained germ-free with these steam cleaning equipment. These have come as a boon to the doctors. Environmentalist also supports these products as they are eco-friendly. Unlike chemicals, steam produces no ill-effects on the environment. With a clean environment, health hazards will invariably decrease. When the hospitals began to see such advantages, they decided on be on a steam-cleaning forever. We are still guessing on what are you waiting for?

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