Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to clean upholstery with a commercial steam cleaner

With good health being so important, one thing you can do to protect your family is to keep up a healthy living environment that starts with your upholstery. Not just surface cleaning but, a deep down steam cleaning. Giving your upholstery the proper maintenance is vital to its lifespan. A regular steam cleaning will make them last longer, looks better and remove everything from pollens, fungus, pollutants, chemicals, fungus, odor, bacteria, germs and dust mites which will cause allergies and illnesses. Even before your upholstery looks dirty it is important to have it clean. Regular steam cleaning can remove all these health risk to your family.

First, choose a right upholstery steam cleaner. Tecnovap offers a variety of commercial steam cleaners that can be used for upholstery steam cleaning. Jetvac steam vacuum cleaners are ideal equipment which has a steam vacuum system that works well for upholstery.

Using the Jetvac upholstery tool, start at the top of you upholstery and slowly move the attachment across. The steam vacuum is used to precondition or emulsify upholstery surface soiling and simultaneously extracting the emulsified grime by vacuum. At boiler temperatures between 145-180°C, this steam machine produces super heated 94% dry steam that contains very little water leaving upholstery and soft furniture much drier. Unlike other upholstery cleaning methods, like water extraction can lead to color bleeding, spotting, fading or permanently damage your upholstery, the Jetvac dry steam method ensures quick dry upholstery that can be used in a matter of minutes instead of hours or even days.

While cleaning the upholstery, Jetvac steam cleaner is disinfecting and sanitizing it at the same time. Compared with traditional chemical disinfectants, dry steam can penetrate deeper into the textile surface without bleaching or damaging the upholstery fabric.

The Jetvac range of commercial steam cleaner is ideal for regular dry cleaning, deep stain removal, deodorizing and thermal disinfection of all types of upholstery and textile furnishings including sofas, arm chairs, dining chairs, cushions and drapes. In fact, this range of steam machine is popular use in hospitals, nursing homes and hotels, restaurants, school, large offices, public transportation companies, car detailers and contract cleaners.

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