Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Automotive Detailing with Dry Steam Vapour

Do you realise that most car detailers know the power of steam to remove stains and steam clean all areas inside the car interior? Other than being a safe and skin friendly cleaning tool, dry steam vapour is also effective in decontaminating bugs and degreasing in all kinds of surfaces, including leather and synthetic upholstered seats inside a car.

What makes Tecnovap steam cleaning equipment stand out among the conventional cleaning machines? It is its high temperature dry steam which not only can clean even the toughest stains but also have 5% water content so that it leaves surfaces dry within minutes so no more smells and car interiors restored as a brand new again!

With a Tecnovap steam cleaner, the entire car can be cleaned and restored within a matter of time using no chemicals and no fuss - all just with steam that is environmentally friendly and highly effective tool that effortlessly sanitise and deodorise all surfaces.

Here are three top areas that can be deep cleaned fast and quicker with Tecnovap steam  machine.

  • Car Upholstery - Leather or Synthetic:
The 94% dry steam produced by Tecnovap's steam vacuum cleaner removes oils and greases from the car upholstery leaving them looking as new.

  • Car Interior - Trims, Vents, Windows, Cupholders, and many more:
 Tecnovap dry steam compact cleaner deep cleans the entire interior of your car with just one litre of water per use.  With the excellent range of tools and steam accessories available, all traces of dirts and crumbs can be easily removed in the tightest and hidden areas. Tecnovap's compact steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning hard to reach door jams and hinges
  • Car Exterior Duco
With the microfibre cloth affixed to triangular tool attached to hose that is connected to the Tecnovap Jetvac steam vac cleaner, you can restore exterior paint surfaces, as well as remove heavy soil stains from alloy wheels as well as front duco with ease.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Benefits of Superheated Dry Steam

A superheated dry steam is important for disinfecting many surfaces and hidden source of bacteria in many areas such as mattress, carpet tiles, grouts, crevices, furniture and etc. Using steam vapour in hot temperature as up to 180 degrees Celsius will provide an efficient disinfector tool and powerful cleaning method compared to the use of chemicals which are dangerous to humans and environment.

Steam leaves no toxic residues and generally won't stain at all. In fact, steam vapour is effective in decontaminating bacteria in all kinds of form, because bacteria scientifically is prone and susceptible to the heat more than 120 degrees Celsius. When steam is applied under high pressure as higher as 10 bar, the germ nest, bacteria eggs can be removed quickly with ease thus leaving surfaces clean and restored to prolong life.

A steam cleaner utilises water as source to produce dry steam vapour with 5% water content, providing an excellent alternative as eco-friendly cleaning mechanism. Moreover, steam cleaner can have many different attachments and tools tailored to specific cleaning applications.

The reason that steam cleaner is used by many users, including predominantly contract cleaners industry, due to its many benefits such as:

- Easy storage:  steam cleaner comes in compact and smaller sizes that can be carried anywhere, ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial. Our machines comes with trolley and inbuilt wheels making it easier to transport and handle.

- Mobility: our steam cleaning machines are mobile, meaning they can be carried with ease with built-in features

- Ease of use: our team cleaners have controls over how much steam can be produced: minimum, medium or maximum. After all, it allows the user to minimise the usage of water without fuss.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jetsteam Evo the Lightweight Two in One Steam Cleaner

Tecnovap is proudly to launch a new model of the Jetsteam range in the Clean NZ 2014, providing an opportunity to view the latest new machine, called as Jetsteam Evo, the next powerful, compact and robust steam cleaner with improved control panel.

Jetsteam Evo is a two in one machine, permitting the use of water and detergent injection combination, ensuring that an environmentally friendly steam cleaning allowing deep surface cleaning without compromising the quality of surfaces being cleaned. This versatile machine unit produces a powerful 64 grams of steam per minute and 20% more steam volumes compared to the traditional and conventional cleaning machines.

Being made from stainless steel, Jetsteam Evo is strong and hardy yet still  manouverable and transportable steam generator that is sure a comfort to carry around. Not only that, Jetsteam Evo also permits the total control of steam from minimum to maximum pressure to get you the right power for your cleaning task.

Jetsteam Evo's easy plugging feature allows for a hose to be plugged directly into the machine, permitting continuous water supply as well as no cleaning down time as you can refill the boiler as much as you want without the need to shut down or power off the machine.

For more information on Jetsteam Evo, or simply request a quote on the machine, contact Tecnovap at 1300 577 722 or email info(at)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vapor Steam Eliminates Allergies Better than Chemical-Based Cleaners

Looking for green cleaning method that is not only effective, environmentally friendly, but also improves the quality of your indoor environment and living space?

Nowadays, much are suffering from allergies causing several reactions from almost all ages that are causes of outdoor and indoor allergies. Getting rid-off of these allergies may cost expensive medications. The good news is indoor allergies causing from our pet cats and dogs; indoor mold and mildew, dust mites and even chemicals from cleaning products can be controlled, eliminated or at least kept to a minimum.

So how can vapor steam eliminate indoor allergies?

Several simple steps that can be taken to help control or eliminate indoor allergens and one great step to consider is cleaning your home with a vapor steam cleaner. Vapor steam cleaning is a process developed in Europe for disinfecting, cleaning and sanitizing.

Tecnovap vapor steam cleaners can clean far beyond cleaning carpets and rugs to cleaning other areas and surfaces of your home or office that chemical based cleaners cannot clean effectively.

One typical cause of indoor allergen is dust mites that can be found on bedding and are inhaled while we sleep. This steam machine produces a dry steam powerful enough to eliminate easily the dust mites from our upholstery. Even bedbugs, fleas, eggs and larvae are also killed that chemical based cleaners cannot eliminate completely.

Tecnovap vapor steam cleaners efficiently removes mold and mildew build up found in bathrooms and kitchens. These stubborn bugs causing allergies are gone in seconds by applying vapor steam.

Furthermore, vapor steam cleaners are great sanitizer where you can sanitize everything including a nursery room. It kills germs on from toys, cribs, floors, walls, ceiling and other surfaces in the nursery room. It is a green-friendly cleaning equipment to use that no poisons or residues left to harm children, pets, or contaminate your indoor environment. It only uses the power of water in doing the sanitation and cleaning process.

Think of what better ways to help protect the health of your family, friends, patients or customers than by cleaning with a vapor steam cleaner. It is a new way of treating allergens safely and effectively.

Tecnovap products

Use Cleaning Product Ranges from Tecnovap

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What is Vapor Steam Cleaning?

The concept of vapor steam cleaning was originated in Italy where they are using their very own manufactured vapor steam cleaner having a true steam temperature of 180°C. Vapor steam cleaning is a method of cleaning without using any harmful chemicals that were found in the supermarket. It is a one easy operation that sanitizes, deep cleans, disinfect and deodorized almost all surfaces. 

Vapor Steam Cleaning Solution

To allergy sufferers, vapor steam cleaning is the best and ideal. The steam produced by vapor steam cleaner penetrates the pores of any material being cleaned. Steam effectively kills dust mites, viruses, molds, and fungi which are common causes of allergy thus, freshens your homes instantly. A wide variety of difficult cleaning household tasks can now be cleaned efficiently in lesser time with vapor steam cleaning. Furthermore, it only uses tap water as cleaning agent thereby eliminating the use of regular harmful cleaning fluids. In addition, vapor steam cleaning is the most ecologically friendly and effective cleaning system.

How does it work?

Often a vapor steam cleaner is mistakenly identified as a vacuum cleaner but it is not a vacuum. It is a cleaning machine that uses steam to quickly dry, clean, and sanitize surfaces.

Vapor steam cleaner uses a little water less than a gallon. Its boiler heats up the water to a high temperature to produce low moisture water vapor steam that can be used in an hour of continuous cleaning operation.

One great feature of a vapor steam cleaner is the low moisture vapor it produced. Low moisture means that the vapor steam consists only of 4 to 6% water which leaves surface almost dry.

For instance, cleaning a carpet using other method takes time to dry that may cause for mold spores to start proliferating. With the use of vapor steam cleaning, carpets will be completely dry in 15 minutes thus leaving no possibility for mold spores to grow. Moisture evaporates immediately after the vapor steam makes contact with a surface which makes it very ideal to use in cleaning carpets. Vapor steam cleaner loosen dirt in carpet fibers which rise to the surface then it is absorbed by using a towel attached to its steaming tool.

Vapor steam cleaning can clean and sanitized hard surfaces (like countertops) to soft surfaces (like upholstery). It does not require buckets, mops, sponges or even emptying out dirty water. It is an almost "mess free" way of cleaning.

To know more of these products, visit Tecnovap by visiting has been steam cleaning experts since 1992, a leading supplier of highly quality and effective commercial and industrial steam cleaners and steam vacuums, the cleaning solution for all surfaces. Distributed Australia and New Zealand wide
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steam Cleaning: a Safer Way to Clean Childcare Facilities

Steam Cleaning is a safer way to clean childcare facilities

With children more prone to health risks and bacterial infections than adults, a high standard of hygiene,and terminal cleaning routines  for childcare facilities is imperative.

The most effective cleaning method, that is chemical free and santising is high temperature steam. Children and toddler’s are protected from chemicals vapours and burns due to steam vapour relying on superheated dry steam only.

Vapour steam cleaning offered by Tecnovap Australia, is a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly approach to child care hygiene maintenance. Tecnovap’s most compact steam cleaner provides a healthy indoor environment by simultaneously: deep cleaning surfaces; dislodging and vacuuming mould grimes away; removing bacteria and chemical contaminants and leaving areas fresher.

The use of a single steam cleaner can clean walls, floors, carpets, table tops, chairs, restrooms and playrooms. Steam cleaning will promote a happier and playful childcare environment with no mess.

If you would like to know more about these ideal childcare cleaning products, or simply to arrange a demonstration, visit Tecnovap, the steam cleaning experts since 1992 providing high quality and effective commercial steam cleaners and vacuum machines. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Water Rebate Promotion – Get up to $2,000 for purchase of Tecnovap steam cleaning equipment

Living Victoria Water Rebate Program – Get rebate back worth up to $2,000 or 50% of the expenditure.
Celebrate this financial year of 2012 /2013 with the rebate offer from Duplex Cleaning Machines. When you purchase one of our eligible, high pressure steam cleaning machines from the following list, you are eligible to get rebate back from Victorian Government during the promotion period between 1st July 2012 until 30 June 2013:
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Get Rebate back worth up to $2000 or 50% of the expenditure through the Living Victoria Water Rebate program when purchasing one of our steam cleaning products. This only applies to Victorian small business residing in Victoria, Australia with a staff size of 50 employees or less.