Thursday, June 12, 2014

Benefits of Superheated Dry Steam

A superheated dry steam is important for disinfecting many surfaces and hidden source of bacteria in many areas such as mattress, carpet tiles, grouts, crevices, furniture and etc. Using steam vapour in hot temperature as up to 180 degrees Celsius will provide an efficient disinfector tool and powerful cleaning method compared to the use of chemicals which are dangerous to humans and environment.

Steam leaves no toxic residues and generally won't stain at all. In fact, steam vapour is effective in decontaminating bacteria in all kinds of form, because bacteria scientifically is prone and susceptible to the heat more than 120 degrees Celsius. When steam is applied under high pressure as higher as 10 bar, the germ nest, bacteria eggs can be removed quickly with ease thus leaving surfaces clean and restored to prolong life.

A steam cleaner utilises water as source to produce dry steam vapour with 5% water content, providing an excellent alternative as eco-friendly cleaning mechanism. Moreover, steam cleaner can have many different attachments and tools tailored to specific cleaning applications.

The reason that steam cleaner is used by many users, including predominantly contract cleaners industry, due to its many benefits such as:

- Easy storage:  steam cleaner comes in compact and smaller sizes that can be carried anywhere, ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial. Our machines comes with trolley and inbuilt wheels making it easier to transport and handle.

- Mobility: our steam cleaning machines are mobile, meaning they can be carried with ease with built-in features

- Ease of use: our team cleaners have controls over how much steam can be produced: minimum, medium or maximum. After all, it allows the user to minimise the usage of water without fuss.

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  1. Steam cleaner is better than the wet process because wet process leaves a very small amount of water behind that may cause the reproduction of germs. I appreciate this information.
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