Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What is Vapor Steam Cleaning?

The concept of vapor steam cleaning was originated in Italy where they are using their very own manufactured vapor steam cleaner having a true steam temperature of 180°C. Vapor steam cleaning is a method of cleaning without using any harmful chemicals that were found in the supermarket. It is a one easy operation that sanitizes, deep cleans, disinfect and deodorized almost all surfaces. 

Vapor Steam Cleaning Solution

To allergy sufferers, vapor steam cleaning is the best and ideal. The steam produced by vapor steam cleaner penetrates the pores of any material being cleaned. Steam effectively kills dust mites, viruses, molds, and fungi which are common causes of allergy thus, freshens your homes instantly. A wide variety of difficult cleaning household tasks can now be cleaned efficiently in lesser time with vapor steam cleaning. Furthermore, it only uses tap water as cleaning agent thereby eliminating the use of regular harmful cleaning fluids. In addition, vapor steam cleaning is the most ecologically friendly and effective cleaning system.

How does it work?

Often a vapor steam cleaner is mistakenly identified as a vacuum cleaner but it is not a vacuum. It is a cleaning machine that uses steam to quickly dry, clean, and sanitize surfaces.

Vapor steam cleaner uses a little water less than a gallon. Its boiler heats up the water to a high temperature to produce low moisture water vapor steam that can be used in an hour of continuous cleaning operation.

One great feature of a vapor steam cleaner is the low moisture vapor it produced. Low moisture means that the vapor steam consists only of 4 to 6% water which leaves surface almost dry.

For instance, cleaning a carpet using other method takes time to dry that may cause for mold spores to start proliferating. With the use of vapor steam cleaning, carpets will be completely dry in 15 minutes thus leaving no possibility for mold spores to grow. Moisture evaporates immediately after the vapor steam makes contact with a surface which makes it very ideal to use in cleaning carpets. Vapor steam cleaner loosen dirt in carpet fibers which rise to the surface then it is absorbed by using a towel attached to its steaming tool.

Vapor steam cleaning can clean and sanitized hard surfaces (like countertops) to soft surfaces (like upholstery). It does not require buckets, mops, sponges or even emptying out dirty water. It is an almost "mess free" way of cleaning.

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