Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Steam Cleaners Work?

In the generation today, the traditional mop and bucket way of cleaning is now outdated. No matter how high-tech the bucket it is a low tech method. It is inefficient and labor intensive. Steam now is widely accepted as a rapid and hygienic way of removing grease and grime. However, you opt and still need to use a cleaner or degreaser and then suction off the removed dirt and liquid. Tecnovap steam cleaner range of professional steam cleaning system can incorporate three functions in one device. Low pressure, high temperature steam expands explosively on contact with the surfaces loosening dirt, grease and grime and instantly killing bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms.
With the use of steam cleaners, even the most heavily soiled area is effortlessly and quickly cleaned.  To show how effective steam cleaning can be, as an example, let us take the ceiling panel of a kitchen . Situated above the deep cracked fryer where the grease is thick and extremely difficult to remove in the old fashioned way.  But with steam cleaners, a few passes only the thick grease layer is gone. No other cleaning machine has this efficiency.
The steam cleaner releases enough steam as high as 180°C to make sure cleaning and bactericidal efficacy. This helps in the cleaning of cracks, crevices and other inaccessible areas in food preparation sites, utensils and tools where microorganism contamination is otherwise difficult or even impossible to remove.
Steam cleaners can covert water into a high quality steam for a continuous deep steam cleaning operation. This steam cleaning technology is lethal to bacteria and grime. The range of attachment allows every area to be reached and clean efficiently. Its design results in less bending and stretching to the user. This means that even the heavily soiled public areas like restrooms, supermarkets, airport terminals and other public places can be efficiently be cleaned at a distance.  A portable steam cleaner that can be used easily. These advantages give the steam cleaners unique and hygienic cleaning system. A very much cost-saving achieve in terms of labor, cleaning agents, maintenance and refurbishment.   
From every aspect, environmental, visual, hygiene, ergonomics and economics, the Tecnovap steam cleaner range is the answer.

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