Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Riddance to Greasy Floors and Dirty Kitchens!!

The most common procedure of cleaning dirt and grease in kitchen and floors is mopping; though sadly enough it is hardly effective. It only aggravates the problem by making the place slippery and susceptible to the growth of bacteria. The dirt, which was initially localized, spreads in the entire area.

Many prefer the dry scrubbers as cleaning agent to bring back the lost sparkle in the floors but their usage have quite a number of limitations. They cannot be used in kitchen utensils, kitchen tiles or food-serving counters. In small restaurants or cafes scrubbers finds its minimum utility.

Tecnovap’s Jetsteam Tosca cleans with dry superheated steam under pressure of 4 bars which, works magically on grease and also helps in fighting against bacteria. It works wonders on tiniest of cracks or gaps and leaves your floors and tiles clean and shining.

The best thing about these Jetsteam Tosca steam cleaning equipment is that they can be used on all kitchen equipments, utensils as well as on the serving counter. Microwaves and ovens have a tendency to get greasy with dirt and oil; these steam cleaning equipment will gently work on the surfaces of the ovens and make them look as good as new. Use of Jetsteam Tosca will also help you defrost your refrigerator and faster and will promote sanity in your chillers.

The eating areas in restaurants generally have stubborn food stains, which are quite difficult to remove with ordinary cleansers. Even the furnishings, sofas and curtains get dirty due to continued usage. Steam works best on these types of dirt and stains and leaves your restaurants spick and span.

The Jetsteam Tosca steam cleaning equipment are available in varied sizes and applications. There is something to suit the needs of every customer. So what are you waiting for? Call Tecnovap and get a demonstration of the very beneficial Jetsteam Tosca steam cleaner machines.

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