Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Steam Cleaning in Hospitals with Tecnovap

Tecnovap is a much known Italy manufacturer of decontamination equipment has come up an effective solution to a more and more dangerous pathogens and life threatening microbes exhibiting a frightening trend of resistance to chemicals. The answer - dry steam vapour.

Backed by the substantiation of microbiological research and lab testing, this process has recently been introduced into Australia and NewZealand, arguably in the nick of time. Reports the poor standards of hygiene in clinics and hospitals particularly in Australia making the vulnerable patients are constantly at risk. A lot of hospital outbreaks or death cases due to infections could have been prevented the dry steam vapour technology been in place.

Dry steam vapour is an addition to professional steam cleaners and industrial steam cleaning equipment recently awarded for its steam-sanitising totally eradicates infection.

First time in industrial steam cleaning the efficacy of the dry steam vapour technology has been recognized for its extraordinary ability in advancing the standard of hygiene in healthcare and other facilities.

Microbial 'Kill' rate of between 80% and 90%

According to laboratory testing, the dry steam vapour system destroyed antibiotic resistant super bugs in less than two seconds recorded a microbial ‘kill’ rate of between 80% and 90%.

Tecnovap offers fully steam cleaning systems using specifically designed tools and accessories for a more efficient way of proverbial vanguard of disease. Another innovation is the in water filter vacuum ensures that there is no cross-contamination from its proven efficacy in the eradication of both common strains of infection as well as the notorious super bugs that constantly adapt and resist the onslaught of chemicals, dry steam vapour reach difficult areas to ensure the ‘complete’ sanitizing process.

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  1. Steam cleaning ensures very good standards of hygiene and it is good that many types of cleaning machines are actually available these days for all purposes.