Friday, May 21, 2010

Tecnovap Range of Steam Cleaner Equipments

Tecnovap has been one of the leading manufacturers of commercial steam cleaner equipments. For over twenty years, Tecnovap has developed a range of over 70 steam cleaner equipments and has an exclusive distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, Tecnovap provides a large exclusive product range of steam cleaner equipments consists of single phase steam generators, three phase generators and steam vacuums that range from 4-12 bar steam pressure. Innovated and improved of both performance and strength.

All Tecnovap steam cleaner equipments produce a minimum of 94% super heated dry steam at +130°C. Larger steam generators produce steam in excess of 180°C at pressures of up to 10 Bar for demanding industrial cleaning applications. Tecnovap definitely has the true temperature technology.

Tecnovap range of steam cleaner equipments can clean just about anything. Ideal for cleaning floors, tiles and grout, kitchens, commercial ovens, windows, bathrooms, furniture, walls or even for degreasing and chewing gum removal.

And to top it all, Tecnovap steam cleaner equipments have proven its quality and efficiency throughout the market. For free onsite demonstration, contact Tecnovap.

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