Thursday, May 20, 2010

Commercial Restrooms Cleaning Made Easy

There are a lot of cleaning procedures for cleaning bathroom but not all are effective. Traditionally, we use sponge and bucket for cleaning yet cleaning results are unsatisfactory and time consuming. 

Steam cleaning system is an effective way of cleaning commercial bathrooms considering the number of people that comes in and out using commercial bathrooms. Using hot steam from a steam cleaner to clean improves hygiene and cut off the need for harsh chemicals.

A great steam cleaner for commercial bathrooms is the Tecnovap Jetsteam Tosca. Small and portable steam cleaner yet a powerful steam cleaning equipment. With Tecnovap Jetsteam Tosca, janitorial cleaning made it easy.

How it works?

Tecnovap Jetsteam Tosca is an ideal cleaning solution for small commercial facilities such as commercial bathrooms. It comes with an extensive range of tools that deeply cleans all bathroom surfaces. Removes dirt and emulsify grime. Clean mirrors, glass, sinks and toilets in seconds flat. Removes tape, glue stickers and even chewy gums. Clean and sanitise walls, partitions, and floor fast using steam cleaner mop. Steam mopping is faster and better with its swivel head, it can reach hard areas and tight spaces.

Steam cleaner is fast, easy and sanitary. Saves money on chemicals and labour as well. It eliminates mildew and mold as well as bacteria and germs that thrive on bathroom tiles all these resulting to a commercial bathroom smells much cleaner.

Have a look on other Tecnovap steam cleaner products of quality, effective and efficient for your cleaning needs.

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