Thursday, May 20, 2010

Steam Box for Food Processing Plants and Factories

Tecnovap offers a Steam Box range consisting of a high pressure steam box shaped generators and steam vacuums. This is a kind of steam cleaner that was developed with industrial steam cleaning applications to both performance and strength. Steam Box steam cleaner is patented Three Phased AISI 304 stainless steel Tungsten Insert Gas welded boiler with interchangeable heating element.

All steam cleaners were designed for effective and efficient cleaning system. But Steam Boxes are especially suited to food processing or manufacturing plants, factories and even mechanical engineering plants.

Tecnovap Steam Box Unique Features

Steam Box steam cleaner has boilers producing a powerful 10 bar pressure superheated 94% dry steam at temperatures of up to 180°C with a low water usage. This boiler and the large water tank let the steam cleaner to run continuously with less water refills.

It has 35 Lt Wet / Dry Vacuum drum for long cleaning time and 40 Lt water capacity. Plus, Steam Box steam cleaner has twin tanks containing water or chemical for the deep clean of many surfaces and flushing with hot water or chemical injection.

This powerful Tecnovap steam cleaner feature makes it an excellent steam cleaning solution for food processing plants, factories and large commercial kitchens. Thus, thoroughly cleans grease covered production machines and removes food build up. Deeply clean hard to reach areas, oily floor and carpets.

Moreover, steam is very gentle on surfaces but very effective on dirt and micro-organisms. Steam Box by Tecnovap enhances speed steam cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in one step.

Tecnovap steam cleaning equipment distribution Australia and New Zealand wide. For more details or demo visit Tecnovap.

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