Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cleans, Sanitize and Disinfect Without Chemicals

Vapor steam cleaning is a natural way of cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals that are better and effective than using cleaning household chemicals. It cleans, sanitize and disinfect all in one step that makes a healthy environment from the food preparation area, walls and floors, toilets and bathrooms to operating rooms of healthcare such as hospitals and clinics, aged or extended care, veterinary and emergency facility.   

One problem that healthcare have is how to eliminate viruses and bacteria that cause infections. Common strains of infection are now becoming resistant to chemicals. No matter how many hospital cleaners are, these issues on controlling infections will not be successfully eliminated without changing the standard of cleaning. The use of chemicals may not be able to clean effectively, sanitize and disinfect hospital surfaces including the hard to reach areas where bacteria may grow and harbour.  

It is then that vapor steam cleaning has been introduced and successfully servicing healthcare industry for almost a decade now. Study shows that only with the use of steam cleaner, it can eliminate and kill bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella. It is the right approach of cleaning that almost all healthcare problems have been addressed including infection control and destroying super bugs.

Steam cleaner uses ordinary water via a thermal heat exchange boiler into super heated steam between 145°C -180°C under pressure of 4-10 bar thus provides a highly power microscopic water particles that penetrate into surfaces that chemical wipe cannot. 

Vapor steam cleaning is a hypoallergenic cleaning solution for housekeeping too. It cleans, sanitize and disinfect medical devices, beds, mattresses, pillows, bedside curtains, floors, ceiling and walls without chemicals.

Generally, steam cleaning machines provide a high performance and cost-effective solution to the high demands of cleaning tasks in healthcare and other facilities such as commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospitality, manufacturing and food processing, sports and entertainment and many more. 

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