Friday, September 17, 2010

Steam Cleaning Tips for Delicate Surfaces

Steam cleaning makes our daily cleaning routine light, easy and fast.  And to make our cleaning effective, it is very important to know what is appropriate and not when steam cleaning.

Here are some of the tips on steam cleaning delicate surfaces.

Painted or coated surfaces cleaning

It is sometimes a misconception that steam cleaners should not be used on painted or coated surfaces because of the high heat that can damage the paint. We can actually steam clean painted or coated surfaces.

When steam cleaning, keep the steam at the right distance. It can easily remove stains without damaging the surface. Or use a cleaning cloth along its steaming tool with nylon brush. Always remember not to stay for too long the steam on one spot because paint could be lifted or marks could appear. Scratching of surface can be avoided with the use of cleaning cloth attached to the steaming tool. The cleaning cloth will collect the dirt and grime removed from the surface.

Use extreme care when steam cleaning painted or coated surfaces. When steam cleaner is used properly, it will do a quick and easy way to clean most coated or painted surfaces.

Cleaning glass surfaces

Steam cleaner cleans and degrease glass surfaces efficiently.  Using the window cleaner or tool fit to the steam wand (use extension tubes when necessary), work the steam jet on and start cleaning the glass surface from top to bottom movement to avoid streaks. Use the squeegee to dry or clear the water from the glass. Squeegee wand is essential in cleaning glass for it will make the cleaning easy.

Alternately, use a cleaning cloth and the hand or floor tool to remove greasy and difficult to clean glass surface. With steam on, wipe over surface and remove any excess moisture using an additional cloth or glass squeegee.

During winter months, just apply a small amount of steam over the entire glass surface to avoid breakage.

Cleaning cloth or textiles

Before you use the steam cleaner on cloths, you should always test if the material is resistant to steam by applying it to a part of the material.  If it is, use the steam iron attachment or vertical ironing brush to clean hang clothes.

Steam cleaning gets rid of both toxic fluids and wrinkles from dry cleaning. Steam is the safest and most efficient method in removing wrinkles. It is actually 5x faster than ironing. When steaming, lightly touch the cloth with the steam head and wrinkles will vanish quickly.

Just like any other machines when not properly used can definitely ruined or damaged surfaces that you are cleaning, but with proper use and extra care, steam cleaner can be a great tool too on delicate surfaces. Saves time and money; works effectively and efficiently without using chemicals. 

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