Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nothing Cleans Tile Grout Better

The floor and wall tile grout of bathroom, kitchen or receiving area of home, hospitality, healthcare or any facilities, eventually they can become discolored and dirty from mold and mildew, dirt, soap scum and food particles that are very common problem of tile grouts

Grout is one of the hardest to clean especially when dirt, mold and mildew already accumulated or penetrated into the tile grout.  No matter how hard you scrub tile grout with an extra use of cleaning chemicals, still it is not enough. Sometimes, the cleaning agents we are using can become tile grout pollutants.    

A unique power cleaning system that cleans tile grout better is vapor steam cleaning that uses the power of a steam cleaner. This is an excellent cleaning solution for tackling tile grout without the use of any hazardous chemicals.

How to clean tile grout using steam cleaner?

When cleaning tile grout, use the small nylon brush of a steam cleaner, which is the safest brush use for tiles. With the combination of heat and steam and the mild agitation from the brush works well in cleaning tile grout especially the bathroom tiles. Work in patterns horizontally and vertically to make sure no tile grout lines are missed. Vapor steam cleaning easily and quickly loosens up or blasts the dirt, mold and mildew on tile grout making it cleaned and sanitized. 

Which vapor steam cleaning machine to use?

It actually depends on whether the user is cleaning tile grout of home, commercial or industrial facility.
For domestic and small commercial facility, the Jetsteam range of Tecnovap is an effective vapor steam cleaning machine for cleaning tile grout of walls, floors, sinks and countertops of kitchens and other areas where there are tiles. 

Cleaning tile grout in commercial or industrial settings that require a more powerful vapor steam cleaning machines, one can use our Tecnovap Jetvac range of vapor steam cleaners and steam vacuums. These cleaning machines are of high quality that differs only on some of its features and power to clean either for commercial or industrial.    

To sum it up, vapor steam cleaning is an excellent, effective and environmentally friendly way in cleaning tile grout for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Vapor steam cleaners are expensive than using household chemicals, but the result is absolutely incomparable. Steam cleaner cleans fast, easy to use, cost saving and a healthier alternative to hand-cleaning tile grout.

To know more of these products, visit Tecnovap - has been steam cleaning experts since 1992, a leading supplier of highly quality and effective vapor steam cleaner and steam vacuum, the cleaning solution for all surfaces. Distributed Australia and New Zealand wide.

Call us:  Australia - (03) 9482 4900 or 1-800-622-770 (toll free) ; New Zealand - (09) 889 2750 (north and south) or Email: info@tecnovap.com.au

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