Monday, July 26, 2010

Top and Leading International Steam Cleaner Machines

Tecnovap steam cleaner machines are Italian manufactured steam cleaning equipment designed to suit the different cleaning needs of every individual or small commercial facility to large industrial companies.

Tecnovap steam cleaner produce dry steam injected onto a surface to melt away dirt and grease. Vapor less than 5 percent water content is called dry steam. This dry steam from a steam cleaner works to melt away stubborn and hardened deposits quickly and effectively. Basic functions of steam cleaners are almost the same with the other cleaning machines, but only a steam cleaner has innovated features of both performance and strength which tops and leads among the rest.

The different types of Tecnovap steam cleaner machines.

·         Compact Steam Only Machines

This type of steam cleaners are the most powerful portable steam cleaner in Tecnovap range of steam cleaner machines that are also known as the Jetsteam range ideal for everyday commercial use where hot water flushing is often required specifically to clean areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, ovens toilets, showers, basins, tiles and grouts. Features superheated dry steam that dissolves and emulsifies grease, mould and grime build-up, and kills bacteria and microorganism quickly from all types of surfaces and equipment, leaving them completely clean and sanitized.

·         Medium-sized Compact Steam and Vacuum Machines

Steam cleaner machines like the Tecnovap Jetvac range are designed for efficient, hygienic and cost-effective cleaning. It can be used anywhere where high quality steam cleaning and wet vacuuming as well as high pressure steam cleaning  is needed.  

Features superheated dry steam vapor to dissolve dirt and kill bacteria while its powerful vacuum removes debris and moisture to leave surfaces dry, clean and sanitized. Another feature is its hot water or chemical injection that is superb for removing stains, chewing gum, bacteria and mould. Small yet the ideal choice for contract cleaners and light commercial use.

·         Larger Industrial Steam Only and Steam Vacuum Machines

Tecnovap Jetvac Maxi, Jetvac Major and Steambox Range are the most common type of industrial steam cleaner machines.  These steam cleaner machines are heavy-duty steam and vacuum machine designed to power through the toughest industrial cleaning problems.

Tecnovap Jetvac Maxis steam production makes its ideal to clean areas such as food processing, factories and large commercial kitchens. These steam cleaner machines are ideal for conveyor belt cleaning system. 

Steambox on the other hand is an industrial range that can be connected directly to water supply or filled manually for portable high pressure steam. Available in both 6 and 10 bars models in single or three-phase power designed for industrial hardest cleaning with minimal water use.

Tecnovap steam cleaner machines have been manufactured for over 25 years and lead the international steam cleaning research and development of steam machines, for example Tecnovap steam cleaner machines have the fast boiler heat up for commercial machines of 4 minutes for 180 degree C. This only means that Tecnovap has the true temperature technology.

Tecnovap is the leading supplier of over 30 steam cleaner and steam vacuum machines distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Call us:  Australia - (03) 9482 4900 or 1 800 622 770 (toll free) ; New Zealand - +64 0800 376 685 | 09 889 2750 or Email:

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