Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Need of Steam Cleaning in Veterinary Clinics

Given a large percentage of pets admitted in veterinary clinics carrying various types of illnesses, infection and parasites, veterinary clinics should maintain and keep a healthy and hygienic environment. Regular cleaning and sanitizing is a must for veterinary areas including waiting room floors, veterinary surgeries, operating tables, surgery benches, animal holding cages, sinks and walls that can only be achieved with steam cleaning.

Why steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is the ultimate cleaning solution for veterinary clinics that will improve its cleaning standards. It is the most effective way in disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces. Steam cleaning is a cleaning system powered by a dynamic tool known as steam cleaners such as Tecnovap Jetsteam Maxi and Jetvac Compact are two of those steam cleaning machines that are ideal for daily or regular steam cleaning in maintaining a hygienic clinic. 

These steam cleaners use only water converted to a high quality steam as a natural cleaning agent that instantly kills viruses, germs and bacteria. Steam cleaners can penetrate deeply into surfaces like floors, tile and grout, rugs and carpet leaving it dry and sanitized with no chemical residues left behind. Stainless steel tables, counters, fixtures and stools, restroom fixtures, blinds and curtains, upholstery and fabrics are all cleaned and sanitize too. Other than that, it deep steam floor of cages and can remove animal urine stains and odor.

Steam cleaning is the safer way and the best alternative for disinfecting veterinary areas and not using chemicals that can be hazardous to animals. Saves time, labor and chemical cost, effective, effortless and environmentally friendly.

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