Monday, June 4, 2012

Effective Steam Cleaning System for Hospitality Industry

Is your café or restaurant’s cleaning methods using up significant amounts of water? Or is your priority to present a hygienic and clean hospitality business, whilst getting rid of harmful chemicals and the out of date mop and bucket in the process?

The common issues that hospitality businesses face when it comes to their cleaning methods are:

-          Presentation is important in order for customers to return and therefore cleaning must be a daily priority.
-          Different flooring and areas of a hospitality business require different cleaning methods making it difficult for businesses to meet hospitality industry standards.
-          Large surfaces and greasy floors need to be cleaned within short time frames.

Tecnovap Australia aims to eliminate that stress and dilemma by providing the Jetvac steam vacuum-cleaning machine. The Tecnovap’s Jetvac Professional steam vacuum cleaning equipment is suited to the cleaning needs of the hospitality industry.  

The Jetvac Professional’s benefits include:

-          Provides steam that is heated at +150 degrees Celcius (essential in killing all bacteria, and eliminates all grease, dirt and grime)

-          Provides “superheated” 94 per cent dry steam (dries in minutes eliminating down time and the risk of slips and falls)

-          Chemical free and no mess

-          Is suited to almost any surface (including hard to clean floors such as cement and vinyl).

-          Ergonomic design eliminating strains and OH&S issues.

Tecnovap Australia is the Australia's specialist in steam tools designed for the most effective and green cleaning of textile upholstery and hard floors. 

Additionally, Tecnovap’s commercial steam cleaners, such as Jetvac Junior and Jetsteam Maxi, offer high efficiency through their one-step cleaning process with little waste and residue. They can be integrated with almost any accessory or tool kit for many different cleaning applications to suit a variety of jobs. Its steam vacuum range features continuous water refill and hybrid water and detergent injection which make them most versatile to use in large facilities.

These Tecnovap hospitality cleaning systems are great for cleaning front-of-house areas including floors, counters, windows, tables, chairs and restrooms.
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