Monday, January 30, 2012

Broaden your machinery hiring range with Tecnovap

Are you looking to supplement further cleaning machines that are versatile and worldwide known to your existing products in your business? If that is yes, then Tecnovap is what you need for! Tecnovap is known worldwide for its versatile and powerful steam cleaning which produces highest temperature at highest pressure to deep clean, remove stubborn greases, as well as restoring equipment or surfaces to brand new.

After all every building requires regular cleaning in many different areas and applications, it is imperative to include a most versatile steam cleaning machines into your existing hire equipment ranges. Tecnovap steam machines are ideal inclusions as they produce water-free and chemical-free cleaning solutions with a range of accessory and optional tools that can do all kinds of job.

Tecnovap cleaning products are highly versatile, as they kill any type of bacteria that you can clean, disinfect and restore the surfaces in many areas. Tecnovap supply an exclusive range of highly effective, versatile, and durable cleaning machinery that is ideal for hire market. Below are some ideal examples of products that are perfectly suited for use in the equipment hiring industry:
  • Jetvac Maxi: A continuous steam vacuum system that is ideal for use in demanding commercial and contract cleaning environments.

  • Steambox: Industrial dry steam cleaner with s/s chassis, continuous +165°C dry steam production, detergent injection & optional wet/dry vacuum system. Ideal for cleaning just about anything and 94% dry steam reduces water use by up to 90%.

  • Steam Pressure:  Powerful steamer capable in cleaning and degrease hard surfaces in seconds without scrubbing or chemicals.

For further information about Tecnovap range of steam cleaners, floor scrubbers, and industrial machines ideal for your business, visit or call 1800 622 770 with one of Tecnovap's representatives today!

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