Monday, December 13, 2010

Tecnovap Steam Machines’ Efficacy on Surfaces

Our steam cleaning equipment has been running on several microbiological tests by external laboratories. In the food industry where it is requested to keep a high level of hygiene, steam cleaning equipment is getting important.

Cleaning traditionally uses chemical detergent but it has been noticed that after rinsing a lot of water, chemical residuals remains on the surfaces. On the other hand, steam machines uses only the power of steam to clean that is why these chemicals are no longer needed. Moreover, the consumption of wasted water is intensely reduced.

An auto-control method of the hygiene level for the consumer's health protection is called the HACCP or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point which played an important role on food industries most specifically.  

What is HACCP? HACCP is a method that fixes all the possible risks that can arise during the food production process. Every single stage is subjected to a careful analysis to determine the most critical risk points for the hygiene of a product in order to adopt the suitable counter measures. Registration and monitoring of all the factors that can constitute possible risks allows in finding the optimal attitudes to have a valid prevention.

Companies interested in HACCP are all those involved in the food industry from the transformation of first raw materials, production, stocking, restoration, distribution and transportation. Such are bars, coffee shops and confectionery; vegetable and fruit retailers; bake shops; fishmongers and butchers; pharmacies; hospitals, elderly houses, vets, recreation and other public places of hygiene interest.

Test Method: Steam Efficacy on Surfaces

Tecnovap has submitted one of its steam and vacuum cleaners to a recognized laboratory test to verify the efficacy of steam produced on the treated surfaces. Mainly, the purpose of this study is to test the anti-bacterial steam efficacy on the surfaces of Teflon and steel that is in contact with the foods. The steam machine has been used accordingly and the tested surfaces have been submitted to the bacteriological analysis.
Generally, the result shows that before treatment, the surface contamination is very high but after the exposure of 5 seconds of steam flow at the temperature of 105°C, it successfully killed 99.9% of bacteria. This only show that hot dry steam produced by Tecnovap steam machines having the true temperature, extremely reduces the bacterial contamination on surfaces efficiently.

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