Monday, November 1, 2010

What Makes A Good Quality Steam Cleaner?

One important point for a good quality steam cleaner is to have a good quality steam. This steam is considered to be the powerful cleaning tool that can tackle every application successfully with exceptional results.     
Things to consider having a good steam  

  • Operating pressure and temperature. 

  • Installed power or wattage – a more wattage power the heating element has, the lesser time need the boiler to recover the pressure and temperature. 
  • Steam passages are very important, the bigger the hole diameter the faster pressure reduction. Smaller hole ensures a dry steam that should be sufficiently humid to clean efficiently. 
  • Boiler volume – steam cleaner should have a good steam dome capacity and a good water level to produced quality steam. 
  •  Pressure and temperature control – steam cleaner having a digital control is more reliable and precise than the tradtional analigical system. 

Areas of Application

Tecnovap steam cleaner helps achieve the high level of hygiene when used regularly. Generally, it can be used to steam clean anywhere people live and hangout:
  • Food Industry
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Shops
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Aged-care Facilities
  • Home and Office
  • Sport Centers
  • Schools, Daycares and Institutions
  • All public areas
Tecnovap steam cleaner can be used on almost all surfaces except for those that are extremely heat sensitive.

Advantages of Steam Cleaner
  • It maintains hygiene
  • Respects the environment by cleaning without chemicals
  • Save on detergents, water and chemical usage
  • Reduce allergies
  • It can cover various applications such as floor cleaning including dirty tiles and grouts; degrease and clean the kitchen; sanitize and disinfect bathrooms; clean and freshens upholstery and many more.
The efficiency of steam cleaner has been proved and certified by several tests run of specialized laboratories and the Ministry of Health for many years now.

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