Monday, October 11, 2010

Steam Vacuum Cleaner Removes Pets Hair Effectively

For pet lovers, we should also consider that some of our family members have an allergy and cannot stand pets especially pets’ hairs. The bigger problem is that hairs of pets do penetrate deep into the carpets that soon become difficult to remove. And so as pet owners, we should take responsibility on how to maintain cleanliness and removing pets’ hairs thoroughly is part of it.

How to remove deeply embedded pets’ hair on carpets?

Regular vacuum cleaning can help but not all pets’ hair will be removed only those in the surface. Removing the deeply embedded pets hair on carpets are one of the great household tasks that steam vacuum cleaner can do.  

Using Tecnovap Jetvac Eco steam vacuum cleaner, mostly used in small commercial and domestic environments that require a shorter period of cleaning, is also ideal for all the environmentally conscious or chemically sensitive cleaners.

Here are the 3 carpet cleaning steps that can be done using Jetvac Eco:

Step 1: Vacuum
With the use of a vacuum tool attachment, start vacuuming the carpet in patterns to remove all the pets’ hair, dust and dirt on the carpet surface.

Step 2: Vapor steam clean
Using a triangular or rectangular brush with microfibre clipped on and starts vapor steam cleaning. With the superheated vapor that steam cleaners produce, it can loosen up the fibers on the carpet and bring the dirt up to the surface. Vapor steam cleaning will not only deep clean carpets but can also effectively remove dust mites not only carpets but also on other upholstery.

Step 3: Vacuum again
Vacuuming again will thoroughly remove all the pets’ hair, dirt and even dust mites out of the carpet.

This idea of carpet cleaning is to vacuum up excess dirt, then use heat to loosen up the fibers on the carpet and bring the dirt up to the surface. We need to release the pets’ hair with the hot steam using a steam cleaner then the suction power of the built-in vacuum to bring up dirt and pet hairs that were deeply embedded on carpets. After doing these steps, you will see an amazing result. Carpets will look new and fresh again.

Keeping carpets and other upholstery clean and free of pets’ hair is very healthy and because vapor steam cleaning does not use chemicals, it will be a great help to those who are sensitive on chemicals.  

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